Lie de vin la couleur de l'automne

Color of the month #November

Wine lees

The wine lees, which recalls as its name suggests the color of the deposit at the bottom of the bottles of red wine, is a dark color of deep intensity. It has established itself for a few years now in both fashion and decoration thanks to its velvety texture.


If we look at the existing Pantone colors and again this is only a small selection, we easily see that the variations are numerous and it is the same with leather! !


 We do not marry her with...

  • the Red

We associate it with ...

  • grey
  • the mole
  • mustard
  • the golden
  • gray blue

 A little history

"Wine lees is a commonly used color name denoting a shade of the red color field tending to purple that takes its name from the wine lees."

"A historic pigment: The wine lees, cooked, were used in ancient times for dyeing. When burned, they once provided a black pigment, called Frankfurt black."."

"Lie de vin can translate maroon, which usually translates as burgundy.""

But at Blue Lemon Paris, these are 2 very distinct colors!

 Sarah, 30, poses with the Valentina Lie de Vin in Palmellato leather.

 Definitely an essential color at Blue Lemon Paris!

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